About Us Print Blend
Trying new things even when success is not guaranteed. Not stepping on others to get ahead. Thinking about the benefit of others just as you’d think about your own. This was the spirit on which Print Blend works on. With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone.
The story of Print Blend is very simple and holds the essence of vision, hard work, and perseverance. Print Blend runs with the idea of providing the best to the customers because there is no feeling better than customer satisfaction.
The prime focus of Print Blend is to create products that represent the young souls by acting as a replica of their thoughts, personality, and choices.
Print Blend was born in the year 2016, with the idea of four creative souls whose prime purpose was to establish an e-commerce brand that represents the common Indian young souls when it comes to fashion and accessories with distinctive and out of box designs and trendy product range. The idea of Print Blend is to represent young souls of today, who believe in speaking their heart and mind with the choices they make.